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So whether you are a first time horsebox buyer, or experienced horsebox buyer, here's a few initial answers that you might find helpful.

A 3.5t Classic will deliver a payload of circa 1050kg.

A 3.9t Weekender will deliver a payload circa 1400kg.

A 4.5t Endurance will deliver a payload circa 1900kg.

Subject to individual specification per box

The average build time is 8 to 10 weeks.

These are highly engineered and coachbuilt vehicles.

Every element of the build has to be perfect and finished to the highest standard.

Every aspect of a new build box is to the customers specification. We start with a blank canvas and the customer creates their own bespoke box.

Horseboxes up to 3.5t can be driven on a standard car driving licence category B.

Horseboxes over 3.5t require a C1 category licence.

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