Welcome to New Forest Horseboxes

Specialist suppliers of top quality horseboxes.

We understand that when it comes to transporting your horse, it is important that the horse travels safely and comfortably, so we only supply horseboxes that have been built to the highest standards.

Horseboxes that are custom built, that provide paramount safety, that have been designed with innovation, so they are practical to use, and that are beautifully finished.

Small & Mighty

The small horsebox market has expanded significantly over the past few years, with the accessibility of the 3.5t being driven on a standard car licence, the ability to ‘park on the drive’, as well as the economic savings on running a smaller vehicle and of course the practicality of using a small modern horsebox, ‘day to day’.

Horseboxes with Substance & Style

When you make the decision to purchase a new horsebox you want a top quality horsebox at an affordable price.

John Oates

New Forest Horseboxes are proud partners of John Oates, who have been designing and building horseboxes for over 30 years.  The John Oates horseboxes are manufactured and finished in-house to the customers exact requirement and then delivered to us to handover, or can be collected direct from the factory. 

Horsebox design and Innovation….

Thinking Inside the Box!

Horsebox Models

3.5t Classic Stallion Stall
3.9t Weekender

The horseboxes we stock and supply are all coachbuilt by outstanding manufacturers who build horseboxes to highest standards.

All the horseboxes can be customised to your exact requirement, so every element of the design is yours to choose.


4.5t Endurance

We provide customers with a blank canvas, the specification is down to you

Every build is unique and tailored to each customers specific requirements. 

The possibilities when customising a bespoke build are infinite.